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About Us

TeensThink (TT) is a leadership, educative, and interactive platform geared towards building outstanding leaders digitally oriented with great marketable and communication skills with a wide interest in reading educative and informative materials to succeed. TeensThink is an initiative of MarchMedia a fast-paced agency based in Lagos Nigeria.

Our pilot project is the TeensThink Essay Competition.

TeensThink Vision

TeensThink vision is to connect teens for a constructive and vibrant future. It will empower teenagers to Reach their full potential, Increase life-skills for their future, Promote career and college preparation, and Engage in interactive and hands-on educational sessions.

TT will also facilitate learning and promoting positive adult and teen partnerships through various activities.

Reach their full potential

We will help the teens reach their full potentials by bring out the best in their skills and talents and teaching them to be positive in all their endeavors.

Increase life-skills for their future

In everyday life, the development of life skills helps students to find new ways of thinking and problem-solving. Life skills include Self-awareness, Empathy, Critical thinking e.t.c

Promote career & college preparation

Teens will be tutored and guided on what to study in the college based on their abilities. They will also be guided in choosing a suitable career.

Interactive & hands-on educational sessions

Interactive lessons and activities can engage teens in a number of ways; in particular, they prompt students to engage with content, rather than passively absorb it. There will be workshops on different topics and trends to engage the teens.

kehinde olesin


Nowadays teenagers mostly search for fashion tips, outfits, latest songs, home work guide, inspiring ideas, quotes, news, phone and laptop wallpapers, relationship and dating tips, good apps, and technology-related stuff. Some of the teens also search for negative things like drugs, violence and nudity.

1. Why me??

2. Why i can’t become like him/her?

3. Why am i not popular like him/her?

4. Why am i feeling so depressed and lonely?

5. Should i get a job?

6. Why don’t my family try to understand me?

7. Should i discuss about it with my family?



Create a global community of teens that make change happen.
Catalyze a community of teens who collaboratively create personal and social change.
Equip teens to enjoy their teenage years, while also using them to catapult them to future career success.
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We believe that all teens need support and a good environment to flourish, no matter their background, ethnicity, sexual orientation, race, or gender.
We recognize that we are part of a global community and as such have a global impact.
We will assist the connection between corporates and teens enhancing youth opportunities, and the talent pool for corporates in the future.
Every teen has unique gifts and untapped potentials that we can help to release for the interest of themselves and society.

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